Who is wineloon?


My name is Simon Reilly. I am a wine writer who lives in Forest Hill, London. Wine writing is my hobby and passion.

Although I am a consumer first and foremost, having worked in corporate finance for about 20 years, I am interested in how the business side of wine works. I was one of the first wine writers to write about the impact of Brexit on the wine industry.

And being both Scottish and a Chartered Accountant I like to save a few quid where I can, so I actively seek value for money.   

Hopefully this means I write in a way that normal people who are interested in learning more about wine can find useful, and importantly can understand. If I don't, send me an email and tell me.

What is wineloon?


I grew up in a place called Laurencekirk, in the North East of Scotland. Loon is a word from the local Doric dialect. It means "boy". Hence, wineloon is a boy who likes wine.


Loon does have other meanings. In English it means "a silly or foolish person". In North America a Loon is an aquatic bird, a bit like a duck. 


Neither of these have anything to do with wineloon. Having said that, the wineloon logo does feature a duck swimming in a bath of wine, so maybe they do.


Wineloon logo created by the very talented Ellis Van Der Does   

Contact me


If you have an comments on my website please send me an email.


If you would like to send wine samples please send me an email and I will send a contact address. I do taste everything sent but I only publish reviews of wines I would recommend. Life's too short to write about bad wine. 

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