February 29, 2016


Wine of the week this week is one from my past. I lived in Australia (Sydney mainly) for 4 years from 2004-8. After a weekend up in Hunter Valley quite early on in my time there, my love of Hunter Semilon was cemented. Lovedale by Mount Pleasant was one of my favourites and I still buy it regularly now, more than 10 years later.


We were members of the Mount Pleasant wine club, which got us not only discounts at the cellar door but invites to special dinners and events run by the winery....

February 24, 2016

Another week, another underground wine tasting. This time the venue was the cellars of one of London’s old school wine merchants. Hardly the most welcoming of places, it has the appearance of a posh jewellers or exclusive boutique hotel from the outside. It definitely has the feel of the old school, reserved for the upper crust. However, once you get inside and down into the swanky cellars, it has a much more modern feel. 


We kicked off with a glass of English sparkling wine...

February 20, 2016


This article was originally published on Tuesday, 16th February, 2016 on JancisRobinson.com


There is a new wave of Australian winemakers selecting specific parcels of fruit from passionate wine growers in Burgundy and making exciting and pure wines which each reflect these unique sites.


Andrew Nielsen, Mark Haisma and Jane Eyre are all “micro-negociants”, or even “nano-negociants”, as Andrew calls himself. They do not own any vineyards. Rather, they buy small parcels of fruit from trusted wine...

February 18, 2016

Bit of a change this week. You won't see any of the following in the background of the bottle shots - my checked lounge wear, the telly, my kids toys, dirty dishes. Sorry to disappoint, but Mrs Wineloon and I made it out of the house together for a meal this week. Half term means the in-laws are here all week to look after cost units 1 and 2, which means...free babysitting on tap - woo-hoo! 


And we didn't just go out for any old meal, we went to new wine mecca Noble Rot in Lambs Condu...

February 11, 2016

Bankers. Sounds like….?


Bankers do get a lot of bad press. The last time I re-mortgaged my house I came close to a nervous breakdown when I was asked to prove who I was for the seventeenth time, so I get all the bad vibes. However, I have had a more pleasant experience of them lately. February must be the corporate banking wine tasting season. As part of my day job, I have been invited to two wine tasting events hosted by banks in consecutive weeks.


This week, it was off to the cellars of the S...

February 8, 2016

Luis Pato, Vinhas Velhas, Branco, 2012


I first fell for the wines of Luis Pato about 18 months ago, whilst holidaying in Portugal. I picked up this and his red Vinhas Velhas (it means old vines in Portugese) in the supermarket for under €8 per bottle and was smitten by both. This retails for £12 and the red for nearer £20 in the UK and are both still great value in my opinion. So if you go to Portugal on holiday fill your boots!


A blend of indigenous varieties; Bical, Cercial and Sercialinho, t...

February 1, 2016

Domain Bernard Baudry, "Les Granges", Chinon, 2014


Everything I have read about the 2014 Loire vintage and all of the wines I have tasted so far suggest it is going to be a top vintage. The reds available to date are limited to the lighter, early drinking, "entry level" styles, like this Chinon. However it is still brilliant.


An enticing aroma of dark fruits leads to really refreshing, crunchy cranberry and bramble fruit flavours. Nice tartness on the long finish leaves you wanti...

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One of these days I might win one, but as an Aberdeen FC fan, these days I am happy enough with second place. Stand Free. 


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