June 30, 2016

An edited version of this article was originally published on Jancisrobinson.com on Tuesday, 28th June

Back in March, I set out what I thought might happen in the event that the UK referendum resulted in the UK voting to leave the European Union (EU) (see What does brexit mean for wine lovers?)

The conclusion I came to at that point was that nobody knows what will happen in the event of a Brexit, but it is likely that the price of wine from the EU would increase for UK wine lovers.

Now that the “L...

June 23, 2016

I have recently returned from a four day trip to Paris to watch Euro 2016 with 6 of my school mates in honour of a significant birthday we all share this year.

Three games in 4 days meant we had one day spare when we could ease off the beer and act a bit more respectable, at least for a few hours anyway. 

Having spent four years living in Sydney about ten years ago I have enjoyed a lot of Torbreck's wine in my time. The first time I came across Juveniles wine bar was on the back of a bottle...

June 23, 2016

Terroir is probably the most commonly used word in wine these days.

Terroir is a French word which has no direct translation into English. It basically refers to everything about a specific site that makes it unique. The climate, the soil, the altitude, the direction it faces, etc. 

Winemakers talk about vineyards having a great terroir as if it is the holy grail. The be all and end all.  

They also talk about using winemaking methods with minimal intervention to allow the terroir to shine. Natura...

June 5, 2016

I love Nebbiolo.

Like many, most of the Nebbiolos I have tasted are from Langhe in South Piemonte in Northern Italy. Langhe is home to the world famous Barolo, and the slightly less famous, but in my view equally good, Barbaresco.

It also makes some fantastic Langhe Nebbiolo, an earlier drinking wine generally made from younger wines with less time in oak. A Langhe Nebbiolo from a good Barolo or Barbaresco producer is a top tip for a good value introduction to the grape. Try one from Produttori d...

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My name is Simon Reilly. I am a wine writer based in South East London. I am passionate about discovering new and exciting wines which offer value for money. I write about the wines I taste and other related wine stuff that I think is interesting, brilliant or annoying.


My aim is to write about wine in a straight forward way that is accessible to everyone.


I have had my writing published in Root+Bone magazine, Root + VineJancis Robinson's Purple Pages, Glass of Bubbly and Decanter.

I have been shortlisted for a few awards for my writing; the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers' Awards 2017 in the "Emerging Writer" category and the 2017 Millesima Wine Blog Awards in the "Wine Reporter" category.


I also came second in the Born Digital Wine Awards 2017 in the "Best Investigative/Journalistic Wine Story" category.


One of these days I might win one, but as an Aberdeen FC fan, these days I am happy enough with second place. Stand Free. 


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