• Simon Reilly

Wine of the week #2 2016

Had to be an Alsace pinot noir for my wine of the week this week. I have tasted a load of Alsatian wines over the last few weeks for my next Root + Bone article (issue 9, out next month).

Although I have enjoyed Alsation pinots in the past, I have had more experience and pleasure from Alsace's more renowned white grapes. I thought the Pinots would be a bit of a sideshow. How wrong I was. It was the pinots that stole the show. Really unique, bursting with character and energy. Wines you just want to drink.

2013 Pinot Noir, Nature, Domaine Lucas & André Rieffel

A "second wine" made in small quantities from vines that are about 30 years old.

Stick your nose in the glass and you would think the wine is going to have a bit of fizz on the tongue. It smells like raspberry sherbet with pepper, real energy. Very light colour and a bit cloudy. The raspberry flavour continues along with red cherries to a tart but smooth finish. Makes your mouth water. Great stuff.

£17, www. bbr.com

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