• Simon Reilly

Wine of the week #3 2016

After a tasting lots of 2014 burgundy this week it was nice to get back to my own wine rack at the weekend. After Mrs Wineloon prepared a pasta dish from the RIver Cafe Cookbook on Friday night, Tuscany came calling....

"Le Difese", Tenuta San Guido, 2012

This has been one of my go to Italian reds for a couple of vintages now. Its a good alternative to Chianti Classico, another of my favourite wines. So if you like Chianti with your spaghetti, give it a try.

Le Difese is the 3rd wine of Tenuta San Guido, who's top wine is Sassicaia, the ultimate Super Tuscan. I won't use the well worn wine critic phrase "you get a taste of the grand vin for a fraction of the price", because i haven't a clue what Sassicaia tastes like. At well over £100 a bottle, its a bit out of my budget....

I did taste it a few years ago at a Bordeaux Index Italian Wine tasting event but I had tried so many other wines by the time I got to it, (a) I was a bit pissed, and (b) my mouth was so tied up with the tannins of the all wines I couldn't differentiate it from a glass of ribena. Anyway, onto the 2012, Le Difese....

Sweet aromas of dark cherries and figs. Full bodied and fruity with fine drying tannins. Powerful finish with herb and peppery spice. Nice acidity balances everything out. You know you are drinking a red wine here.

Bordeaux Index look like they have a handful of bottles left at £9 in bond, which works out at about £14 after duty and VAT

Noel Young appear to have more stock at £17.50

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