• Simon Reilly

Wine of the week #10 2016

Colle Stefano, Verdicchio di Matelica, 2011

Bought a six pack of these 2-3 years ago. Drank a few and stashed a few in the cellar as I thought it might develop with a bit of age. I was right, this was better than I remember, so definitely worth squirelling away a few bottles if you can get hold of it. Exel Wines has the 2014 vintage available just now for £64.63 for six, so just over a tenner a bottle. That is great value in my humble opinion.

From the Marche region of Italy. Sweet nose of tinned peaches and pears, with a bit of honey kicks things off nicely. Bright grapefruit flavour on the palate with a bit of pepper too. Long mineral finish with a saline bite. This is really complex wine for a tenner. Fill your boots.

£66.63 for 6 (for the 2014 vintage), www.exelwines.co.uk